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Doug's Sierra Leone 2000 Photos


September - October 2000 Photos


Freetown II

Sierra Rutile & Bo


Hind Attack Helicopter Front Seat

Hind Airport Limo


November 2000 Photos

Lungi Ferry

School for the Blind

More Freetown

Even More Freetown

August 2001 Photos

Binta’s Sundowner Beach Bar Update  

Sierra Leone Updates, News and
How You Can Help

NEW: Visit the International Peace Operations Association (IPOA) web site

SAIIA Intelligence Update - Sierra Leone Burns while the UN fiddles

Doug's Sierra Leone Update on his Sierra Leone Update (TEXT)

Doug's Framework for Sierra Leone Peace

Note: I'm starting to get quite a few hits on my Sierra Leone photos - NGOs that do work in Sierra Leone
and who are interested in having links to their web pages/fund raising sources should please contact me ASAP by email!

For the most comprehensive news and links about Sierra Leone be sure to visit:

Peter Andersen's Sierra Leone web site

For the latest transcript from UN briefings in Sierra Leone, visit:


Want to help?

Kambia Hospital Appeal

Milton Margai School for the Blind
(Email to Barbara Davidson-Johnson)

Our Children Inc.

Africa Peace Cup

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